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Retro Typewriter Wired Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Set 2 Manual


  • Brand: EWEADN
  • Connection method: Wired
  • Key number: 108
  • Key life: 60 million times
  • Switch: Pink
  • Mouse Button: 7
  • Dimension of Keyboard: 17.44 x 5.63 x1.47 in / 443 x 143 x 37 mm
  • Dimension of Mouse: 5.5 x 2.36 x1.57 in / 140 x 60 x 40 mm
  • System Required: Windows, Mac, and Gaming Console with USB connection

Convenient Multimedia Controls


Press FN+W to switch to Windows mode

  • FN+F1: Decrease Screen Brightness
  • FN+F2: Increase Screen Brightness
  • FN+F3: Calculator
  • FN+F4: My Computer
  • FN+F5: Music
  • FN+F6: Previous Song
  • FN+F7: Next Song
  • FN+F8: Play/Pause
  • FN+F9: Stop
  • FN+F10: Mute
  • FN+F11: Decrese Volume
  • FN+F12: Increase Volume
  • FN+WIN: Win Lock


Press FN+A to switch to Mac mode

  • F1: Decrease Screen Brightness
  • F2: Increase Screen Brightness
  • F3: Mission Control
  • F4: Launchpad
  • F5: N/A
  • F6: N/A
  • F7: Previous Song
  • F8: Play/Pause
  • F9: Next Song
  • F10: Mute
  • F11: Decrese Volume
  • F12: Increase Volume

Backlight Control


  • FN+INS: Change backlight mode
  • FN+←: Decrease Backlight Speed
  • FN+→: Increase Backlight Speed
  • FN+↑: Increase Backlight Brightness
  • FN+↓: Decrease Backlight Brightness


Short press paring button on the right of the switch underneath the mouse.

Connection Guide


  1. plug the provided Type-C cable into your device.
  2. Start typing.


  1. plug the mouse into your device.
  2. Start using.
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