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Candy Premium Keycap Set

Transform your keyboard with a Candy Premium Keycap Set! This dazzling set of keycaps brings a colorful, stylish look to your workspace. Enjoy the perfect typing experience with crisp keystroke feedback and enhances your gaming performance. Let your creativity shine with the Candy Premium Keycap Set!

Cotton Candy

    Personalize your keyboard to match your unique style with our dual-color keycap set. The seamless doubleshot PBT material ensures durability and a satisfying typing experience. Designed to work with our mechanical keyboards in blue, black, red, and brown switches, this set is the perfect way to upgrade your typing game.

    Experience gaming with a whole new level of control. With the Candy Premium Keycap Set, you can elevate your typing and gaming performance to new heights. PBT material ensures maximum durability and a smooth feel, perfect for hitting the keys hard and fast with confidence. Upgrade your mechanical keyboard now and take control of the game!

    Candy Premium Keycap Set

    **This product is not a keyboard, Cotton Candy contains 132 keys and Cupcake contains 108 keys.**

    **Make sure your keyboard has the same layout as the picture (specifically Enter key and space key)**

    Colorway Keycap Set - 104-Key


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