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Snap Phone Grip & Stand - MagSafe Compatible by MOFT

Fulfilled by our friends at MOFT


  • iPhone 12/13/14 series (iPhone 12/13/14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 12/13/14 Pro, iPhone 12/13/14 Pro Max) and MagSafe compatible phone cases.
  • For S Pen users, please note that the magnets in the stand may affect pen interactions.
    Hello Yellow
    Sunset Orange
    Cool Grey
    Wanderlust Blue
    Jet Black
    • Secure Stand and Grip

      With its enhanced magnetic force, it's perfect for gripping large phones over 6” like iPhone 14 pro max. Film a concert or take selfies with it, no more fear of accidental drops.

      Adds Anything But Bulkiness

      Rooted in MOFT’s invisible design philosophy, it folds flat in your pocket. To capture a moment in photography on the road, slip it out right before the moment fleets.

      Effortless Holding, Nonstop Enjoyment

      Flip it, slip your fingers through it, then your hand is relaxing with a soft textured feeling. Swipe through those pictures, read that long blog without need for an interval


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